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I was born and raised in the harsh North Atlantic climate of Eastern Canada. It was here where my passion for building things began at a young age. It started with small homemade gifts for family members and later evolved into more skilfull endeavours such as half pipes for skateboarding and treehouses. Eventually a building career blossomed and that passion to build cool stuff lives on!

I first visited the south pacific in my early twenties and soon realised the lifestyle suited and this was where I wanted to be. After a few stints in Australia I came to New Zealand in 2003 and have since made Taranaki my permanent home with my kiwi wife and four young children.

The temperate climate of NZ was very appealing ;however, I was surprised at the lack of insulation and warmth of typical kiwi homes. Even though it often gets below -30c in winter where I come from in Atlantic Canada, the inside living environment was much warmer,drier and more comfortable than I found in NZ homes.

This prompted me to incorporate techniques and knowledge from back home into my building skillset here in NZ. After all everyone should have a warm and healthy living environment inside their homes regardless of the climate.

The more houses I began to renovate and build the more conventional materials and techniques began to frustrate me with their waste of resources and ineffeciences. We should be building homes that work for us not just cost us money. After the arrival of my first child I became more and more passionate about healthy living environments and building materials. I took courses from some renowned NZ earth builders and designers and was further convinced that natural building was the direction I wanted to take my building career. I wanted to use Earth as a medium to build with.

Currently the majority of my work involves conventional materials and techniques in which both have come a long way over the years. There are more and more non toxic building materials available today and new developments in building technology are constantly improving the quality of the indoor living environment.

At JF Building Services Ltd we are passionate about building. We produce top quality workmanship with an unrivalled attention to detail. We strive to live a sustainable, healthy lifestyle and incorporate this into our building work by minimising waste, recycling wherever possible and choosing quality non toxic building materials to work with. We like to exceed our clients expectations in every aspect of the building process. Our goal is to make our clients happy and have a stress free building relationship that both parties will enjoy.

I am trade qualified.(National Certificate in Carpentry--NZQA). JF Building Services Ltd. is a business member of the New Zealand Certified Builders (NZCB) and the warranty they offer is Halo 10 year. We are also Liscened Building Practitioners (#114329). We are members of HazardCo. which is a health and safety management company. Safety is paramount on all our jobsites. Coming home to our families in one piece everyday tops the list of priorities.

We would love to make you one of our very happy clients.

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